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TITLE: Treasure in the dark
CATEGORY: Flash : Mind > Strategy
AVERAGE RATING: 5.00 of 5.00 (from 2 ratings)
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    fire: left mouse
    movement: mouse
    Find the path to the treasure chest and back to the cave entrance, without touching the cave walls. Try to memorize the path (the grids will help you.), because you can only see the cave walls at the cave entrance. Or you can cheat a little, by noting the path to a piece of paper. In some of the caves you can find holes in the grounds, through which you can use underground paths, There are some other treasures in the caves, through which you can earn lots of extra money, if you want to, but you must gather the treasure chest in every cave too. After each accomplished cave, you get bonus lives. You can buy many types of equipment in the shop after every cave.

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