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TITLE: Majinwar: The Evil Secret
CATEGORY: Java : Action > Fighting
AVERAGE RATING: 3.66 of 5.00 (from 312 ratings)
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    [Arrows] -- Walk or run forward.
    [A] -- Combination attack, keep pressing to hit up to 3 times.
    [S] -- Jump up, you can also attack in the air.
    [D] -- Panic attack, to control large crowds surrounding you.
    [A+S] -- Massive attack, high-damage, one-hit knockdown.
    [A+D] -- Magic attack, powerful attack that does lots of damage.
    [Mouse] -- Use the mouse to select menu items.
    [Space] -- Skip any movies or cut scenes.
    [Enter] -- Select a menu item.
    [Escape] -- Quit current game and return to the main menu.
    [M] -- Mute sounds and music.
    [P] -- Pause game.
    [+] -- Change game speed, if your game is too slow or too fast.
    Get ready to kick some ass! Go thru four grueling levels of warlords, vicious amazon women, howling wolves, dark wizards and defeat the evil king. If your score is high enough you can even get Osama Bin Laden!

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