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  Game Showcase (2612)
241Life Ark 5 (2688kb)
by [FreeWorldGroup]
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Category: Mind > Point and Click
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 763 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 0.00 of 5.00 (from 2 ratings)

Following their monumental escape from the monster blackhole, The Life Arkeans travelled through non-space to enter an entirely new universe. After eons of travel they come across a suitable solar system of planets, with one inhabited world... the Earth! In their giant space craft, the Life Ark refugees land on what is known by the locals as North America, accidentally squashing several states in the process! Your task is to set things right with the humans and undo the damage done to the planetary surface. You must also placate the humans by fixing their atmosphere! If you succeed in this task, your next objective is to establish a colony on the moon. Once the moon has been prepared, then you can finally make a new home for your species... and hopefully not destroy anything else in the process! You must use resources available in the solar system to achieve your goals and try not to hurt the humans in the process. Good luck!   submitted 09/23/10
242Space Disposal (2828kb)
by [Gameshot.org]
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Category: Action > Platform Scroller
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 738 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: None

Space Disposal is a great neo-retro arcade game coming in a fancy retro look with cool graphics effects! Your task is to move your disposal missile through dangerous levels, collect all the nuclear waste and bring it safely to the detonation chamber. Use arrows, WASD or mouse to navigate the ship and take care of lasers, security drones, acid drops and other hazardous obstacles!   submitted 09/23/10
243The Champions 3D (2170kb)
by [GameSheep.com]
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Category: Outdoor Sports > Soccer
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 1432 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.00 of 5.00 (from 2 ratings)

The best World Cup Soccer 2010 game! Choose your preferred team and lead your champions through the 7 matches of the World Cup Soccer 2010. Win the finals and take the trophy in the name of your favorite country!   submitted 09/23/10
244Rotate & Roll (914kb)
by [bloblob]
- view all games by author

Category: Skill > Balance
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 1214 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 0.00 of 5.00 (from 2 ratings)

Rotate your way through 40 challenging levels. Roll the balls to the bubble to progress.   submitted 09/23/10
245Tropical Swaps (2035kb)
by [Crystal Squid]
- view all games by author

Category: Mind > Match and Link
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 1491 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: None

Swap the blocks & match the pieces, blow up the bombs, and try not to get swamped in this fun-filled original action puzzle game! Sounds simple, right? But watch out! The more moves you make the faster the pieces fall in, and then there are the fused pieces, bombs, special bonuses and more! With a full in-game tutorial to get you started, and a series of Masterclasses to show you some advanced techniques, this is one puzzle game that will keep you coming back for more!   submitted 09/23/10
246Earth Tower Defense (1632kb)
by [jrjellybeans]
- view all games by author

Category: Mind > Defense Strategy
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 864 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 2.00 of 5.00 (from 1 ratings)

An exciting tower defense featuring lots of enemies and 30 levels. With special powers to unlock and the ability to submit your score, this is a game with a ton of content. Earth Tower Defense is simple, addicting, and CHALLENGING. Make Earth Tower Defense your next favorite tower defense game.   submitted 09/23/10
247SokoOH (776kb)
by [Saso Horvat]
- view all games by author

Category: Mind > Puzzle
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 554 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: None

SokoOH is a logical, sokoban like puzzle game in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them in designated locations.   submitted 09/23/10
248Castle Wars 2 (3221kb)
by [M0rkeulv]
- view all games by author

Category: Mind > Strategy
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 4 / 8854 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.83 of 5.00 (from 6 ratings)

Awesome turn based strategic card game with unlockable cards and multi-player mode. Castle Wars 2 is the sequel to Castle wars, and is a very addictive card game where your goal is to crush your enemy's castle or be the first to build a 100 storey castle. Crush or be crushed!   submitted 09/23/10
249Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette (6274kb)
by [melesta.ru]
- view all games by author

Category: Mind > Entrepreneur
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 879 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 0.00 of 5.00 (from 1 ratings)

Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette Enjoy one hour for free! Download Now Scarlett is back in an all-new Farm Frenzy adventure that's out of this world! Having restored farms and fed people all over the world, the plucky heroine of Farm Frenzy 3 thinks she's done it all. But when she learns astronauts are starving because their corrupt boss made a crooked deal with a no-good contractor, she sets her sights higher than ever, vowing to prove herself worthy of taking over the account and feeding the hard-working space walkers three squares a day. To succeed, she'll need to use new buildings, products and friends as she grows crops, feeds animals, collects produce and manufactures goods. Don't miss this exciting new chapter in the award-winning and astronomically fun Farm Frenzy series!   submitted 09/23/10
250Bring It! (5409kb)
by [Tsetso]
- view all games by author

Category: Skill > Timing
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 1 / 908 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.00 of 5.00 (from 1 ratings)

Dance to the beat and bring your skills to the dancefloor, beach and the street! Choose your character, the place to be and how hot you can handle it. Tell me... can you Bring It! ?   submitted 09/23/10

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